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Student Opportunities

Fenwick provides a variety of opportunities for students outside the academic classroom, both during Flock Block and after school. More than 90% of Fenwick students participate in non-academic Fenwick activities outside the school day.

Athletics. We are competitive in athletics as a member of the Greater Catholic League Co-Ed. Fenwick has more than 20 sports programs, and 81% of our students participated in at least one sport in 2020-2021. Please visit our Athletics website for more information about our sports programs.

Activities. Fenwick offers close to 30 different activities for students, both academic and non-academic. 

Academic Trivia Club

Art Studio Hours

Classics Club

Coding Club

Drama Club **

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Falcon Ambassadors *

Fenwick for Life

French Honor Society

Interalliance Business/IT

Intramural Basketball **

Key Club *

Liturgical Music Ministry

Medical Club


Model Airplane Building

National Honor Society *

Ohio Math League

Philosophy Club


Rosary Club

Ski/Snowboard Club **

Spanish Club

Spanish Honor Society

Spike Ball Club

Student Council *

Ukelele Club

Wick Women in Business

Yarn Club

* Flock Block and After School Opportunities

** Entirely Outside of the School Day

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