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Spiritual Formation

NET Ministries

What is NET Ministries? NET Ministries is an international youth ministry that challenges young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church. Each year, 175 young men and women serve as volunteers with NET Ministries. The team members begin their year of service with an intense five-week training program during which they are brought to a deeper understanding of their faith and are taught to effectively communicate that faith to others.

They are then put into teams and sent out in vans across the United States to share their faith and invite all they meet to give their lives to Jesus. We are blessed that there is a team specifically dedicated to the greater Cincinnati area. What makes NET Ministries so successful is their peer-to-peer approach to evangelization. The witness of young, passionate missionaries, filled with the joy of the Gospel invites young people to participate in the “abundant life” (John 10:10) that Jesus offers.

The NET Ministries team will be at Fenwick every other Thursday during Flock Block and lunch. The NET Ministries team will:

  • Function as a spiritual catalyst in the culture of the school.
  • Reinforce what is learned in religion class by their living witness of discipleship.
  • Begin to help students bridge the gap between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus.
  • Walk with youth as they grow through continual conversion.
  • Foster an openness to prayer.
  • Assist with Discipleship Groups.

How can Fenwick community members get involved?

There are lots of ways that Fenwick community members can support and even benefit from this new program themselves!

  • Be a Host Family: As part of our partnership with NET, we have offered to house the missionaries once a month. This is a great way to give back to the school and the young men and women who are serving our students! Check out the SignUpGenius with more info about being a host family by clicking on Fenwick NET Missionary Host Families.
  • Encourage your student to join a small discipleship group! As a bonus, parents of students who are part of a small group will receive a weekly update on the topics/Scripture that were discussed and ways you can help them continue processing and/or growing from their experience.
  • PRAY! Pray for the Net Missionaries, our student ministers, and the students involved in this program - that together, Jesus may be made more visible in their lives and in this school.
  • Make a Donation: If you believe in the mission of Fenwick and the effectiveness of this small discipleship program, you can support this ministry by making an annual fund donation by clicking on MAKE A GIFT.

Discipleship Groups

The most important thing a student can gain from their time in high school is the desire and motivation to live their life for Christ. Fenwick’s retreats are a great chance for our students to encounter Jesus each school year, but to expand our opportunities for ongoing faith formation, we are offering a NEW, weekly small group discipleship program in collaboration with NET Ministries!

Fenwick Small Discipleship Groups
Retreats are effective at providing an opportunity for young people to encounter Jesus and offer their lives to him; however, discipleship requires regular formation, accountability, and witness by other disciples. Having weekly discipleship groups will help strengthen and enliven the work that is already being done in forming students as disciples of Jesus.

In a Discipleship Group, students will cultivate friendships, share their lives, encourage one another, reflect on scripture and pray together. This program is made possible through a partnership with NET Ministries. The Discipleship Group program will:

  • Function as a spiritual catalyst in the culture of the school
  • Apply what is learned in religion class to their lives here and now
  • Begin to help students bridge the gap between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus
  • Provide a time for students to support each other as they grow through continual conversion
  • Foster an openness to prayer
Additional Details:
  • Who: Any Fenwick student who wants to join! Participation is optional. Students can join at any point throughout the school year.
  • What: Discipleship Groups are composed of 5 to 10 students who will meet weekly. The NET Ministries team will lead these groups every other week, and in their absence, Fenwick’s student ministry team will lead the groups, empowered and overseen by Campus Ministry.
  • Where: Fenwick’s Chapel.
  • When: Every Thursday during Flock Block (unless a student has something scheduled with a counselor).
  • Why: The goal of these groups is to walk together on our journey toward Christ. They will cultivate friendships, share their lives, encourage one another, reflect on scripture, and pray together.

Small Discipleship Group Sample Schedule

  • Welcome, catch up from last week – 5 minutes
  • Ice breaker – 5 minutes
  • Opening prayer – 5 minutes
  • Watch video on discussion topic – 10 minutes
  • Group discussion and sharing – 10 minutes
  • Closing prayer – 5 minutes
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