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Students are encouraged to think creatively and critically while enrolled in performing and visual arts courses at Bishop Fenwick High School. As part of a holistic curriculum, students may enroll in four-year tracks in both the Musical and Performing Arts and the Visual Arts disciplines while at Fenwick. Many performing arts opportunities are also available beyond the classroom.

Musical and Performing Arts

The study of music and performing arts contribute in significant ways to the quality of life for every student who elects to participate in organized music making and dramatic productions in school.  Every work is a product of its time and place, although some transcend their original settings and continue to appeal to mankind through their timeless and universal appeal.  The Performing Arts have been and always will be a significant factor in man’s pursuit of knowledge. It is our primary concern to expose the students in band, chorus, and drama at Bishop Fenwick High School to a wide variety of musical styles, composers, and playwrights by offering performance in a variety of ensembles and settings. Through these experiences, we shall enrich and expand the student’s aesthetic awareness of all experiences.

Fortissimo Chorus

This yearly performance-based course is open to all students at Fenwick. Students are exposed to and learn to sing many different genres of vocal music, with a focus on 4-part choral music.

Falcon Force Band Program

The Falcon Force Band Program is a comprehensive instrumental music program working with students in grades 9-12, as well as 7th and 8th graders from local Catholic elementary schools in marching band and auxiliary groups. The program includes students of all levels, from beginners to those with many years of experience planning to student music at the university level. Students with all levels of experience can participate in the program playing string, wind, keyboard, and percussion instruments.

The Falcon Force Marching Band is the most visible element of the Fenwick music program. The program, open to all students in grades 7-12, combines music education with elements of entertainment and competition throughout the fall athletic season.

Concert Band Class

In band, students learn about the history, theory, and people of music through the preparation and performance of various styles of musical literature.

Honors Band

In addition to the requirements in place for Concert Band, students enrolled in honors level band must complete additional requirements each semester.

Auxiliary Groups

Color Guard is the primary auxiliary unit of the Falcon Force Marching Band adding visual elements of artistry through dance, flag, and weaponry work.

Winter Guard is a continuation of the color guard unit that works independently outside of the marching band season, perfecting skills in dance, flag, and weaponry work.

Pep Band is an instrumental ensemble performing outside of the marching band season to support other school activities such as pep rallies and basketball games.

Liturgical Music Ministry works in conjunction with campus ministry to plan and execute prayer through music for school liturgies.

Theatrical Arts

At Bishop Fenwick High School, our goal is to provide students in grades 9-12 with opportunities to grow as performers and crew members. Students learn through performance about drama, acting, and production, while gaining self-esteem and confidence in an encouraging environment. Acting classes and dramatic productions provide students with opportunities to develop new skills in acting, thinking, and movement. The program welcomes students at all levels of experience.

This past school year, Fenwick's Theater Program celebrated record-breaking participation and attendance! In the spring of 2023, the program performed Disney's famed High School Musical at the Sorg Theater in Middletown. Well over 1,200 members of the public came to see this modern musical with a large cast, some of whom had never before participated in Fenwick's Theater Program.

Continuing this path of growth, the program produced the comedic mystery Clue in November 2023, and will return to the Sorg Theater in March 2024 to perform Grease.

All performances moving forward will be presented at the historical Sorg Theater in Middletown as it showcases our hometown pride and dedication to past and present Falcons who help promote the arts at Fenwick.

If you are interested in learning more about Fenwick's Theater Program, please contact Kelly Luers.

Previous shows for Fenwick’s Theater Program include Anastasia, Peter and the Starcatcher, Brigadoon, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, The Seussification of a Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Sound of Music, The Butler Did It, Again, and Fiddler of the Roof

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts Department offers a variety of courses to allow students to explore their creativity, learn about the history of art, and gain practical experience in graphic design, photography, and technology. Students also work together to create Fenwick's yearbook, Turres.

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