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Flock Block

Flock Block, a daily 40-minute block period, is designed to give students opportunities to connect with teachers, counselors, peers, and with God through different activities, both structured and free-formed. Flock Block will serve a variety of student needs and will be formatted as follows:

Academic Time: Mondays will be scheduled to allow students to make up missed work, tests/quizzes, study, and meet with teachers. AP students will use this time for additional AP class time. Students needing transitional assistance in the academic areas of math and English will use this time for intervention.

Counseling: Counselors will meet with students in small groups for implementation of the ASCA (American School Counselors Association) curriculum, which includes academic growth, social/emotional education, college and career planning, and learning

styles inventories. These meetings will occur on Tuesday and some Wednesdays.

Faith Formation: Time will be devoted to Campus Ministry for the faith formation of our students and staff. A primary component of Thursday’s Flock Block will be the facilitation of small prayer groups with leadership from NET ministries. Wednesdays will also be used for a rotating weekly Mass schedule.

Choice" Day: Friday will offer a new opportunity for students and faculty to participate in various activities they choose to sign up for on a weekly basis. These activities will include small seminars on life skill topics, “TED” talk presentations, service, prayer-based activities, and hands-on activities.

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