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Counseling Team

The Bishop Fenwick counselors strive to support the school’s mission by providing services aimed at cultivating the personal, social, and academic goals. The counselors support students in their quest to develop in all areas by individual counselor meetings, small group instruction, and classroom guidance lessons. They work hard to ensure that both families and faculty will be engaged and informed regarding guidance related activities and offerings. Bishop Fenwick school counselors act as members of a team aimed at serving the students along with parents, teachers, and staff.

Counselors meet individually with new students early on in their first year. Throughout their years at Fenwick, counselors meet with all students in small groups multiple times each year and provide many opportunities to meet individually for more personalized attention.  Counselors continuously provide information and support through small group meetings, Flock Blocks, and whole school assemblies. During Flock Blocks, each counselor meets with their grade level students in small groups throughout the school year to discuss grade level appropriate topics in social/emotional, college/career, and academic areas.

The Bishop Fenwick Counseling Department serves students and their families with academic, social/emotional and college/career information, which includes the following:

  • Academic Support and Advising
  • College and Career Search, including the Birkman Career Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Summer Enrichment Opportunities
  • Mental Health Support and Awareness, and Referrals for Professional Assistance
  • Parent Information Sessions
  • Small Group Counseling (based on student need)
  • Social/Emotional Lessons

Would you like to learn more about the Counseling Department? Please watch the video below.


Mrs. Jean Horn
School Counselor
Students A-G
Phone: (513) 423-0723 ext. 7030

Mrs. Sabrina Snyder
School Counselor
Students H-M
Phone: (513) 423-0723 ext. 7050


Mrs. Vicki Weisbrod
School Counselor
Students N-Z
Phone: (513) 423-0723 ext. 7020


About the Nest

The Counseling Department is located in a separate modular building that is called ‘The Nest’. The Nest is a space for students to not just meet with their counselors, but a safe place were students and freely interact, learn, and grow.


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