Welcome from Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is an integral part of education at Bishop Fenwick and promotes student faith formation with an emphasis on the four Falcon talons:

Faith: Students are given an opportunity for spiritual reflection through a four year retreat program, liturgies, and prayer. Read more about retreats and liturgies.

Integrity: Students are challenged to be and act as their best selves, doing what is right at all times and striving to live the Talons in all aspects of their lives. Read more about Falcon Talons

Compassion: Students witness the God of Mercy and Compassion to one another and promote the values of unity and charity.

Service: Students complete service learning projects during their four years and are encouraged to participate in school sponsored service activities. Read more about service learning.

Through the campus ministry program we strive to aid students’ spiritual formation in the Catholic faith tradition and create a hospitable community, respectful of all faiths. Stop by Campus Ministry and checkout what is happening!

Your Campus Ministers,

Erin Johnson and Rober Goodell