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Fenwick Forward

Built with Purpose. To Learn, to Lead, to Love.

Bishop Fenwick High School is driven by an essential purpose: to help students embrace their unique, God-given call to greatness and prepare them for the journey of learning and life.

Fenwick helps students become:

  • Skilled, engaged learners, who desire to grow in knowledge and wisdom.
  • Principled, moral leaders who serve with compassion and excellence.
  • Joyful disciples, who desire to bring God's truth, beauty, and love into the world.
  • Formed in faith, compassion, integrity, and service.

We are moving Fenwick Forward, strengthening our campus and our programs.

In Academics, we are creating new, innovative academic spaces where students engage in new, collaborative activities and more hands-on, experiential learning.

In Athletics, we are building premier facilities that allow student to excel as highly competitive individual and team athletes. Turf fields will provide maximum performance and safety. An expanded physical training area will better accommodate the needs of student-athletes.

In Arts, we are expanding our offerings in music, art, and performing arts. We are dreaming of new facilities that foster the growth of students’ creative talents and allow them to create performances in a more enhanced, professional environment.

In STEM, our programs are flourishing. We are planning a dedicated space to expand these innovative programs and provide a suitable environment for our nationally-ranked robotics program and competitions.

In Campus Ministry, we are hoping for a larger, more inviting space for students to meet in groups for activities, leadership meetings, service gatherings, Bible study, prayer groups, and more. We are expanding our ministry work, retreats, and partnerships, on- and off-campus.

In Counseling, we are planning a new, permanent, comfortable, and professional space for “The Nest” and additional financial support for our ASCA model curriculum.

Will you help us move Fenwick Forward? You can make a gift here or reach out to Director of Advancement Vanessa Mosley at (513) 804-3102 or by email.

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