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Bishop Fenwick High School offers three levels of college preparatory classes intended to challenge the student and help them reach their highest potential. Class placement is based on a number of factors, including standardized tests, prior teacher recommendations, and information received from previous schools for new students. Returning students are placed in courses based upon pre-requisite completion and teacher recommendation. Students may be scheduled into different college prep level courses based on their specific skill sets in that area.

College Prep courses are provided for students who achieve better in a slower paced, more differentiated environment.

Accelerated College Prep courses are provided for the majority of our students at Bishop Fenwick High School.

Honors/Advanced Placement courses are provided for students with advanced ability in a particular subject area. These courses have a higher level of demand on the students, require more self-guided reading, and (in the case of AP and CCP courses) are taught at a college level.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Bishop Fenwick High School, we require students earn 26 credit hours, demonstrate competency in English and Algebra through the IOWA Test, and earn two diploma seals, which show that students have demonstrated academic, technical and professional skills and knowledge that align to passions, interests, and planned next steps after high school  graduation.

Credit Hours

A comprehensive listing of requirements (including the breakdown of which specific courses are required) can be found in the course of studies. The required credits are listed below:

Social Studies
Fine Arts
World Language

4 credits
1 credit/year at BFHS
3.5 credits
1 credit
1 credit
4 credits
3 credits
2 credits (same language)
1 credit
2.5 credits

State Testing Requirements

State Exam
Algebra 1
American History and American Government
English 2

IOWA Mathematics
IOWA Social Studies
IOWA English Language Arts
IOWA Science

Students studying Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Biology, American History or American Government may take and substitute test scores for state exams to avoid double testing. Students also may substitute grades from College Credit Plus courses in these subjects for state exams.

Students who earn at least an 18 on English AND 22 for Math and Reading on the ACT are exempt from the above.

Diploma Seals

Bishop Fenwick High School students will earn a minimum of two of the following diploma seals. These seals show the student has demonstrated academic, technical and professional skills and knowledge that align to passions, interests, and planned next steps after high school.

  • OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal (Ohio)
  • Industry-Recognized Credential Seal (Ohio)
  • College-Ready Seal (Ohio)
  • Military Enlistment Seal (Ohio)
  • Citizenship Seal (Ohio)
  • Science Seal (Ohio)
  • Honors Diploma Seal (Ohio)
  • Seal of Biliteracy (Ohio)
  • Technology Seal (Ohio)
  • Community Service Seal (Local)
  • Fine and Performing Arts Seal (Local)
  • Student Engagement Seal (Local)

Students will demonstrate readiness by earning at least two diploma seals, one of which must be state defined. Seals help students develop an array of critical skills that are valuable to them as they transition to the next steps after high school. Fenwick will only provide two diploma seals for students regardless of the criteria met to earn additional seals.

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