Service Learning

The service learning program at Bishop Fenwick High School provides students with opportunities to broaden their spiritual formation while connecting with people beyond their family and friends.  Students encounter, serve, and empathize with others, thereby recognizing the gifts that they bring to others in Christian love.

The service learning program at Bishop Fenwick is a strong one thanks to agencies in the community who partner with us in facilitating student volunteers. Learning to share our lives with those around us is an essential part of a well-rounded education and it prepares our students to be active Christian leaders within our communities.  To see where our students are volunteering, click on Service Agencies and Opportunities.  Please see the service requirements: Service Requirements 2018-2019 x2VOL is our NEW service tracking program for students.  Please learn more about x2VOL: x2Vol Student Service Tracking


Freshmen participate in three service learning experiences throughout the year.  This service learning helps students value the meaning of service and its relationship to Christian values. The three experiences are listed below:

  • Hands Against Hunger

  • Nursing Home Visit

  • Matthew 25 Ministries

Other service projects are encouraged and may be completed and tracked on own.  No formal service hours are required.


Sophomores are required to do a minimum of 8 service hours per semester.  Both local agencies and individuals call upon Bishop Fenwick students throughout the year to help with a wide variety of volunteer projects. This is a unique contribution our school offers to the wider community and many people rely on the time and talents of our students.  Reflections regarding students’ service work will take place individually on the x2VOL program, but also throughout the year during FLOCK Block time.


Juniors are required to serve a minimum of 10 service hours per semester.  Their service work may be completed at various charitable organizations or at just one location.  Reflections regarding students’ service work will take place individually on the x2VOL program, but also throughout the year during FLOCK Block time.


Seniors are required to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to service by establishing a relationship with a particular service agency in the community. This service learning is a year-long commitment and requires a minimum of 12 hours of service per semester in addition to reflections on the x2VOL program and during FLOCK Block time.  Students may choose an agency from a list of approved organizations or may get their agency approved by the Community Service Director.

Senior Service Resources:

Talon Thursdays

Talon Thursdays is a bimonthly after school service project in which all Fenwick students are invited to live, pray, and reflect upon the four Falcon Talons: Faith, Integrity, Service, and Compassion. While students are regularly afforded opportunities to serve individually and with members of their own class, Talon Thursdays give Falcons the chance to serve alongside students from any class, club, team, or student organization, as well as members of the faculty.  This service project takes place after school at Bishop Fenwick, but benefits both Saint Vincent DePaul in Dayton and Hope House of Middletown.

To read about students in action click on Fenwick students dig 'talons' into service work.

Mission Trip

The Mission Trip is a week-long service opportunity offered to students during the summer.  During this week, students will serve the disadvantaged of a particular community, reflect on their encounters with Christ in those whom they meet, and pray together.  Students are challenged by the injustices they are exposed to, transformed by the relationships they build, and prepared to be active Christian leaders in our community.  Students can register for the Mission Trip in the winter and will prepare for their week of mission during the spring.