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In the spring of 2018, my husband accepted a position at the University of Cincinnati. The job search did not intend to include the Cincinnati area however, God had other plans for our family. At once, I began the search for new schools for our five children. Our hometown did not offer the luxury of Catholic Education. Why do I call this a luxury? Because when you are raised in a strong catholic community, attend catholic school since first grade and go on to receive your degree at a catholic university in your hometown, you realize it is a luxury and privilege to attend catholic school. I met my husband and moved to SE Ohio 25 years ago and accepted the fact that my children may never attend a catholic school. However, when the opportunity to move to Cincinnati was placed before us, David and I knew we needed to find the right schools for our children.

From the first encounter over the phone with Regina Stugmyer and Betty Turvy, I knew there was something special about Bishop Fenwich High School. Meeting the staff and students on the tour confirmed our decision to enroll our son, Primo(senior) and daughter, Sophia(sophomore). From orientation to the first football game, I knew God had big plans for our family. Being a woman of faith, I had to trust his will and know that he would not let us down. Moving children at any age is difficult but David and I knew it was the right decision for our family.

Since August, I have witnessed two teenagers transform into two young adults who can worship and live their faith more freely. They continue to grow each day as they are encouraged to live out the talons of faith, integrity, compassion and service. Watching them grow in their faith has been a blessing and confirmation of our decision to move. Kairos was a profound experience for Primo. Words can’t explain how that experience changed his outlook and future plans. Knowing the impact of each experience and how it will influence our family will always confirm that God’s plans are much better than ours.

Sophia has had the pleasure of participating in swim and clubs while building her faith through experiences offered by our spiritual leaders. She is growing into a woman of faith who cherishes her relationship with our Lord.

Primo will be part of the NET (National Evangelization Team) Discipleship team next year. He will serve youth in a community and help them grow in their relationship with God. He will continue his studies at Franciscan University of Steubenville and major in philosophy. He has been part of the Fast-Track program at Franciscan University since his junior year of high school. He looks forward to continuing his education in the same environment he has experienced at Bishop Fenwick.

Only attending Bishop Fenwick for one year, Primo & Sophia know it is a privilege to be part of something so good!

-Lisa Averion

May 16th, 2019
Underclassmen & Spirit of Service Awards 2019 Underclassmen & Spirit of Service Awards 2019

Spirit of Service Awards 2019

Underclassmen Awards 2019

May 16th, 2019
William “Skip” Richards: A Friend of Fenwick William “Skip” Richards: A Friend of Fenwick


Recently William Richards, the grandfather of Class of 2018’s Cat and sophomore, Will Richards recently passed away and generously donated his golf cart to Bishop Fenwick! “Grandpa Skip” as his grandchildren called him was a huge fan of Bishop Fenwick and was seen at many of our athletics events. Check out this sweet story from his son Paul about his father’s generosity, love for sports and love for others! Thank you to Skip and the entire Richards family for the donation of the golf cart, it is a much needed item for our 66-acre campus!

“Dad’s gift of his golf cart to Fenwick is only fitting. He was an overly generous person, sometimes to a fault (if that is possible). A quick story. When Dad was in Otterbein’s rehab unit after a hospital stay a few years ago, he was wearing his “Urban Nation” Ohio State T-Shirt that Carolyn’s mom had bought for him at Christmas few months earlier. Urban Meyer is a graduate of my high school and was always dad’s “claim to fame”. Anyway, at the rehab unit, one-person dad runs into was another an OSU fan (BTW: who in their right mind isn’t?). They strike up a conversation and a quick friendship. Dad finds out this gentleman’s name is “Urban” and really likes his shirt. That night, dad goes down to his room, hand washes the “Urban Nation” shirt in the sink, and hangs it up in his room to dry. The next day he takes the shirt down to “Urban’s” room and gives it to him. I always said, “Dad would give the shirt off his back to anyone”, and here is the story to prove it! Next time he talks to my mother-in-law (who lives in Columbus), he says, “Diane, looks I need another Urban shirt!”

And that is why the golf cart to Fenwick is a perfect fit. It’s what he would have done on his way to a better place!”

For those interested, a visitation service from 10-11 and mass from 11-12 is being held this Saturday (5/11/19) at St. Susanna Church. The full obituary for Skip can be found at

May 9th, 2019
Ryan Zearley Transformational Experience Ryan Zearley Transformational Experience

 If the Freshman Ryan Zearley that walked through Fenwick's doors on a warm August morning three years ago met the Junior he’d become, he wouldn’t be able to be happier.

Ryan began his freshmen year by following the legacy of his sisters and joining the cross-country team. He loved the warm welcome and spirit of the team but found himself afraid to reach out and meet new people, both on the team and at school. In grade school, Ryan was quiet, shy, and unsure about things; however, throughout Freshmen winter, Ryan slowly saw himself growing in confidence through the new activities Fenwick offered like Academic Team. Freshmen spring brought challenges that Ryan had never encountered before: sports, schoolwork, and friendships became overwhelming and Ryan often woke up feeling sick and burnt out. These things left for a difficult and uncertain summer.

In his sophomore year, Ryan was ready for a new start. He was thrilled to be back on the cross-country team and renew his faith life. However, sophomore winter proved to be the most difficult time of high school for Ryan. Ryan got involved in a lot of unhealthy friendships and soon lost a majority of them. This along with family challenges caused Ryan to lose his sense of self. However, in losing this old self, Ryan was able to find who he truly was. “God used the wings of the flock to lift me up and show me His love.” Ryan says this because in the spring, Ryan had the opportunity to be a part of stage crew for The Sound of Music. This experience gave him hope that would only reach its height during a mission trip he went on in the summer where he discovered love more profoundly than ever before.

After the mission trip experience, Ryan has only continued to grow. He loved his junior retreat, acted for the first time in the fall play, sung in the spring play, had a life-changing experience at Kairos, and is more than excited to return to Tennessee for the mission trip this summer. Although, the most important thing for Ryan in all of these activities is his confidence in the person he has become. No longer the quiet freshman who kept to himself, Ryan now seizes every opportunity he has to grow and explore the beautiful world he has come to see. For this, he credits the Fenwick family and all of the people who have helped him along the way. Ryan is so happy to be a part of the Fenwick Flock and can’t wait to see the heights it will reach in the years to come!

May 7th, 2019
#TransformationThursday - April 11, 2019 #TransformationThursday - April 11, 2019

#FenwickTransforms #TransformationThursday

“When I came to Fenwick 11 years ago, it was after a time of incredible change and challenge in life. Fresh starts and new beginnings, while promising, can be stressful. From Day One – (Literally-the faculty had a social gathering after school on my first day—what an incredible way to get to know my colleagues in a comfortable setting!)—I was instantaneously reminded of why I do what I do in the environment in which I choose to do it. Blessed to be a Catholic educator for over 25 years now, working with young people reminds me each and every day about all the goodness, talent, passion, faith, intellect and promise the young people of our world hold in the palms of their hands.

More poignantly, my own children have been so blessed to engage in this community at a level I couldn’t have imagined thus drawing from them a renewed sense of purpose, confidence, and faith. I dragged my oldest to Fenwick his freshman year kicking and screaming. He wanted to remain in our local public district with his friends. My husband and I saw things differently. Two days of summer soccer practice and he was convinced. Fenwick was different and he could be different here. He could speak up, try new things, spread his wings as a leader and be accepted. Over time, he joined new clubs, became a team captain, developed incredible friendships, led a retreat, travelled internationally and learned how to handle failure—all experiences that helped him to develop into the resilient, passionate young man he is today.

Thus watching his brother blossom and thrive, my younger son was ready for Fenwick well before his time came. I get to witness the magic of the Fenwick experience once again through the eyes of my sophomore—the highs and lows, the excitements and disappointment. All those milestones will prepare him well for a life outside these walls. And, for this, my husband and I will be eternally grateful for our time as Fenwick Falcons.”

- Jean Horn

April 10th, 2019
#TransformationThursday - April 4, 2019 #TransformationThursday - April 4, 2019

#FenwickTransforms #TransformationThursday

Jack is a senior at Bishop Fenwick High School. In his 4 years at Fenwick, Jack’s life has been transformed into that of a strong leader with a heart for service. However, his transformation started out quite rocky. While he was in his local public middle school, his older brothers were at Fenwick, but Jack did not want to follow in their footsteps. After some bad decisions on his part, the decision was made by his parents for him to attend Fenwick. Whether he wanted it or not, Jack needed a fresh start.

Jack initially had a hard time at Fenwick. Friendships were a struggle because of his closed off attitude and resentment at being made to transfer. Jack acknowledges that the only way to really make friends is to be open and that he was not. The expectations of living up to his brothers and his athletic reputation made things even more difficult. Jack did not always make the best decisions as a young high school student, but with the help and mentoring of many people from coaches and teachers to counselors and administrators who saw potential in him, Jack’s transformation began.

Jack didn’t embrace the Fenwick Family throughout most of his freshman year, but he was surrounded and infected by it. Gradually, Jack began as a sophomore to realize that his attitude and priorities were not helping him be the person he wanted to be. He started doing small things, like volunteering to read at school and class Masses. In his junior year, Jack asked how he could get more involved in service by mentoring a younger student with disabilities. In the fall of his junior year, Jack’s coach whom he had had plenty of friction with previously, had a tragedy in his life. The day after the tragedy, Jack was driving past the coach’s house and without knowing why, turned into the driveway. He walked into the house not knowing what he could do. He and the coach embraced in a hug; Jack became the face of the Fenwick Family to someone who needed it most in that moment. By his senior year, Jack joined student council, gave witness talks on the freshman retreat about the talon of service and was a leader on the football field and on a senior Kairos retreat.

Jack gives Fenwick credit for transforming him into a young man who wants the best for himself and others. As Jack prepares for graduation, he aims to be the kind of person who helps others meet their potential as those at Fenwick did for him. He truly cares about others. As Jack plans for his future, he knows he has difficult decisions in front of him, but is focused on continuing to be a man of service and integrity.

April 2nd, 2019
Beauty and the Beast Spring Play Beauty and the Beast Spring Play


 Order tickets online or at the door!


Beauty & the Beast Playbill

March 29th, 2019
#TransformationTuesday - March 28, 2019 #TransformationTuesday - March 28, 2019


"I became the interim football coach at Bishop Fenwick High School for the 2017 football season, and shortly after I was hired to teach Mathematics and P.E. I quickly realized that after 43 years of teaching and coaching I had found a place that was like no other. The students were generally disciplined, respectful, conscientious, hard working and caring far more than the other five schools I had been employed by.

The teaching staff was friendly, helpful, hard-working, cooperative and it was evident that the staff was dedicated to the kids and their welfare. The administration was ultra-supportive of the staff, led the students and teachers by example and created a very positive "we care" environment. It was evident that Fenwick stood for compassion and concern.

I quickly realized that the goal of Fenwick High School was to offer a fabulous education and experience for the students and a gratifying job for the teachers. If I had known the values of the Catholic education the students received from Fenwick, I would have had my own kids attend Fenwick High School.

Unfortunately, a horrible tragedy happened to bring about the confirmation of the unbelievable Fenwick Family love and compassion for each other. At a time of tragedy, the Fenwick community rushed to our family’s side with outpouring love, compassion and concern. Staff, students, parents and countless other Fenwick Falcons came to help us deal with the worse tragedy life can offer. Although nothing could possibly take away our pain and suffering, our affiliation with Fenwick High School and the support from the Fenwick community has been nothing short of amazing and probably life-saving.

I am tempted to discontinue my employment and limit my life to my residence and caring for our animals. However, my family has become dependent on the love from Fenwick and the relationships we have built at Fenwick High School. We feel that area families are very fortunate to have Fenwick as a choice for a Catholic education and influence on their life."

- John Aregood

March 26th, 2019
#TransformationTuesday - March 19, 2019 #TransformationTuesday - March 19, 2019

#FenwickTransforms  #TransformationTuesday

My name is Erin Johnson and I am the Director of Campus Ministry at Bishop Fenwick High School. This is my third year in this role, and my tenth year as an Alumni - I graduated from Bishop Fenwick in 2009!

Fenwick has played a huge role in transforming my life. First, by awakening and inspiring in me a desire to serve others and lead them to Christ. It was through my experiences in Bishop Fenwick’s campus ministry programs as a high schooler that I started to recognize and develop my gifts of building community, seeing the best in others and helping them to see the same and finding joy in living faith daily.  Through this experience, I began to discern a calling to ministry, which I followed by obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Theology and a minor in psychology from Marian University in Indianapolis.

Although I did not know it at the time, I also met my husband during my time at Fenwick. We became friends through Mr. Wagner’s psychology class and stayed friends throughout college – although we went to different schools, we would get together over breaks and keep in contact during the school year. We started dating in 2012, got married in 2014 and are expecting our first child in July!

Last but not least, through my ministry at Bishop Fenwick I have truly found my dream job. I am frequently overwhelmed by what a privilege it is to serve the students and what a blessing it is to be part of the community. I get to see God work in beautiful ways through the people around me on a daily basis and I could not be more grateful to witness it or more humbled to be a part of it. Bishop Fenwick continues to transform me through the relationships I am able to build with the students, faculty and staff, all of which reveal to me another aspect of our loving God!

March 19th, 2019
#TransformationTuesday - March 12, 2019 #TransformationTuesday - March 12, 2019

#FenwickTransforms #TransformationTuesday

Jordan can hardly recognize the freshman version of herself from four years ago. Nervous as an incoming freshman, Jordan HATED change, was timid and eager to just fit in, and craved a sense of comfort. She was the girl afraid to raise her hand, afraid to stand up for herself and for others, and afraid to get excited about her own accomplishments.

Jordan faced some major struggles starting in her sophomore year at Fenwick—what she considers to be the hardest year of her life. Family situations changed, friend groups became toxic, close friends moved away, and her favorite sport, volleyball, lost its appeal in her life. Jordan began to lose grasp of who she was. The biggest struggle began after sophomore year when Jordan was in a serious car accident leaving her with a skull fracture, bleeding on the brain, and a severe concussion. These issues carry lasting effects as Jordan continues to suffer severe migraines which impact all aspects of her life. One thing Jordan really struggles with is the perception of the injury; People cannot see it, so they do not think it is there.

Jordan reflects, “I truly believe if I was not a student at Fenwick, my life would not be where it is today. What hasn’t Fenwick done for me?” Fenwick has given Jordan the friends she needed in order to discover her own true identity and self-worth. Fenwick has given Jordan compassionate teachers who never ask “When will you get this turned in?” but instead consistently ask “How are you feeling today? What can I do to help?” Jordan knows that Fenwick teachers are “invested in the lives of their students and go above and beyond for them.” A particular former coach has spent many conversations working through things with Jordan and has shown the “love and support you get from teachers at Fenwick.”

Jordan is thankful for the opportunities Fenwick has given her to grown as a person and get out of her comfort zone. She has taken on numerous leadership roles: captain on sports teams, president of the Spanish Honor Society, retreat leader, attendee at a youth conference at Notre Dame, being selected as the female representative from the junior class to attend an Economics for Leaders Program at Brown University. Jordan has grown in her faith and service, and now serves as a mentor for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middletown. At the age of 18, Jordan has been promoted to assistant manager at the local restaurant where she works. In the summer, Jordan will be one of 13 students selected in the school to go on a mission trip to Tennessee.

Jordan asks herself “Who is this girl I am so proud to be today?” She is the first one to raise her hand in class, the girl who is more than willing to stand up for herself and for others, and the girl with the confidence in herself to celebrate her accomplishments. “Instead of fearing change, I embrace it, and I cannot wait to take on my journey ahead, because I know Fenwick has prepared me well for the way!”

March 11th, 2019
Crimson & Gold Gala: March 16, 2019 Crimson & Gold Gala: March 16, 2019

Crimson & Gold Gala  2019

March 16th, 2019

Manor House- Mason, Ohio

Gala Registration & Details

February 8th, 2019
Parent Teacher Conferences Parent Teacher Conferences

Signup here!

February 6th, 2019
Registration: January 30th 7AM-6PM Registration: January 30th 7AM-6PM

 Regardless of a School  Day Closure, our Admissions Office WILL BE HERE WEDNESDAY/TOMORROW for Incoming Freshman Registration!  The only reason we would not be here is if we lose power, which we don't anticipate.  This would be posted on our website.  If you have a current sibling attending Fenwick and they were going to bring in the registration, they can bring it in on Thursday.

Bishop Fenwick High School is excited to receive registrations for incoming freshmen on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm!  Registrations must be delivered in person.  If a sibling is currently attending Bishop Fenwick, they may deliver the registration for the parent.  The incoming freshman student does not need to be present.  A $400 non-refundable fee is due at the time of registration. 

If you have any questions, please call our Admissions Office at 513.428.0525.  Thank you!

January 18th, 2019
Bishop Fenwick Military Appreciation Night Bishop Fenwick Military Appreciation Night

Bishop Fenwick Military Appreciation Night

January 18th @ 7:30pm vs Badin High School

FREE Admission to any active military member or veteran!

January 14th, 2019
Falcon for a Day! THIS FRIDAY! Falcon for a Day! THIS FRIDAY!

Falcon for a Day – Friday, January 11, 2019.  We invite eighth graders to arrive in the morning and spend the first half of the day learning about the academic side of being a freshman at Bishop Fenwick.  Lunch is our treat!  After lunch students will then be provided the opportunity to learn about all of the extracurricular activities they can become involved in here at Bishop Fenwick.  Pre-registration is required. Click on Falcon for a Day to register or call the Admissions Office at (513) 428-0525.

REGISTER by clicking on Falcon for a Day or call (513) 428-0525 no later than Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Opening Presentation (8:45-9:30 am) - We invite all parents to join us for a brief but IMPORTANT presentation by current and past parents who will share their Bishop Fenwick experience. Parents attending the Opening Presentation could win a $500 Tuition Certificate!

The day continues with plenty of excitement:

  • Experience high school classes and meet freshman teachers!
  • Explore the capabilities of our 1:1 Fenwick Instructional Technology!
  • Check out our sports and clubs!
  • Spend the day with other 8th graders like you!
  • Enjoy lunch on us hosted by our student ambassadors!
  • Shop the Falcon Fan Store for spirit wear!
  • Discover why we say “There is a difference” at Bishop Fenwick High School!
  • Three lucky attendees will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! Many other prizes awarded!

Dress code for the day is "spirit wear"! Wear a gold or red shirt or Bishop Fenwick spirit wear! Long pants or jeans (please, no rips or holes). Enter through the main entrance doors.


January 7th, 2019
January 4, 2019 : Young Alumni Tailgate for Classes 2014-2018 January 4, 2019 : Young Alumni Tailgate for Classes 2014-2018

We are ringing in the new year with a special Young Alumni Tailgate on Friday, January 4, 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. for classes 2014-2018! Young alums are invited back to campus for an indoor tailate in the Media Center before the boy's varsity basketball game.  Young alumni are encouraged to join other classmates from the classes 2014-2018 for Chick-fil-A sandwiches, refreshments and FREE admission to the basketball game as our Fenwick Falcons take on the CJ Eagles. Falcons are 6-2 for the season. More basketball continues on Saturday as the Girls Basketball Team, 7-4, takes on the Alter Knights on home court at 1:00 p.m. followed again by the boys hosting Valley View at 7:30 p.m. 

January 3rd, 2019
Merry Christmas from Bishop Fenwick High School! Merry Christmas from Bishop Fenwick High School!

In this joyous Christmas season, Bishop Fenwick wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year! A special thank you goes to Class of 2019 Jillian Gavigan for recording “Jingle Bell Rock” for this video and Class of 2014 Cameron Ridge for recording and producing the piece. Please enjoy our Christmas video below!


Christmas Video 2018: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Bishop Fenwick!


May Christ’s love bless you abundantly this Christmas!

December 21st, 2018
2nd Annual Present Drive: WE DID IT! 2nd Annual Present Drive: WE DID IT!

THANK YOU FENWICK! In just three days we were able to collect 600 gifts, which total to over 700 gifts for the students at Rosa Parks Elementary! Tune in on December 19th for our visit to the school to deliver presents, sing Christmas carols and enjoy some snacks at Rosa Parks Elementary!

December 14th, 2018
The 2nd Annual Present Drive: Rosa Parks Elementary The 2nd Annual Present Drive: Rosa Parks Elementary

The 2nd Annual Present Drive benefiting Rosa Parks Elementary kicks off tomorrow and lasts through December 14th with the celebration at the school on December 19th!  Presents will be collected by Flock Blocks. Please review the information on what presents your student can provide below. Thank you in advance!

Christmas Present Drive Information

December 3rd, 2018
Hall of Achievment 2018 Hall of Achievment 2018

Hall of Achievement

Only our most esteemed alumni are considered for induction into the Hall of Achievement. Those eligible for election are individuals who have graduated at least 10 years prior to election, and must be an honest, moral, respected citizen of the community. The nominee must have achieved more than just being good at an occupation or profession. Each nominee must have exhibited outstanding, noteworthy achievement in one or more of the following criteria:

  • Occupational/professional success and achievements, for which recognition was received.
  • Unique and/or meritorious action, deeds, heroism and/or overcoming substantial, extraordinary challenges or adversity.
  • Significant civic involvement and community volunteerism.

Induction Banquet

The class of 2018 will be inducted on Sunday, December 2, 2018 honoring the following Hall of Achievement Inductees and Champions of Fenwick:

  • Don Accurso '60
  • Judge James Long '77
  • Carmela Esposito Cotter '80
  • Dr. Mary Krebs '97
  • Carolyn Murphy Bradfield  '55
  • Fr. Julian Krusling, Champion of Fenwick (posthumous)
  • Fr. Lawrence Krusling, Champion of Fenwick (posthumous)
  • Frank Long, Champion of Fenwick

November 27th, 2018
Happy Thankgiving! Happy Thankgiving!

November 19th, 2018
Blue Jean Bash: November 17, 2018! Blue Jean Bash: November 17, 2018!

Join other Fenwick parents at this FREE event this Saturday! That’s right, other than a small fee of $1 for beer and wine, you could have a night out on us! A complimentary BBQ dinner will be hot from 6:30-8:30pm but the bar and dance floor will be open all night!

Through the night the Parent Club will be making a big reveal that will continue great excitement through the rest of the school year! No raffles, no tickets, no asks…. We just want to celebrate you and our wonderful community. See you at the Blue Jean Bash!

Register Today!

November 13th, 2018
Thank you Veterans! Thank you Veterans!

Thank you Veterans! 

November 12th, 2018

Open House – Sunday, November 11, 2018, 1 – 3 pm

Discover how “There really is a difference” here at Bishop Fenwick High School! Experience how BEING fully present, is the best way to BECOME fully prepared for your journey after high school. Bring the whole family; no registration required.

Pre-registration is not required although you can pre-register to expedite the check-in process by completing this OPEN HOUSE REGISTRATION.

Attend our Open House and discover how Bishop Fenwick's commitment to...

  • Academic Rigor
  • Personal Growth
  • Spiritual Development

...can fulfill the journey of high school.

The entire family is invited to:

  • Participate in a demonstration of our dynamic 1:1 Microsoft Surface Pro technology
  • Become curious with special interactive and hands-on experiments throughout the building
  • Meet our outstanding faculty, students, parents and coaches
  • Explore our 66 acre campus
  • Enjoy light refreshments
  • Register to win one of two $200 Amazon Gift Cards! 

All 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade families are encouraged to attend. Become part of a very special journey...start here!

November 6th, 2018

We are NOT holding classes on Friday.  In turn, we are offering a Volleyball and Football Spirit Bus Package to kids.  The itinerary for that day is attached.  We are looking for teachers to go along, enjoy the ride, and also help chaperone.  Please use the link below to indicate if you are or are not able/willing to do so! Go Falcons!

We are NOT holding classes on Friday.  In turn, we are offering a Volleyball and Football Spirit Bus Package to kids.  The itinerary for that day is attached.  We are looking for teachers to go along, enjoy the ride, and also help chaperone.  Please use the link below to indicate if you are or are not able/willing to do so.  Thanks!
November 5th, 2018

The Falcons have several activities this weekend that we encourage all to come out and enjoy!


November 2, Friday Night—The Falcons Football team will take on Chaminade Julienne at 7:00pm on the Krusling Field for their first game of Regional Play-Offs!


November 3, Saturday— Girls Volleyball will be playing Roger Bacon for the Division II Regional Title at Butler High School at 2:00pm.


November 3, Saturday—The Falcon Force Band will be competing in the Mid-States Band Association's Championship (Class A) at Shea Stadium in Norwood at 2:45pm

November 2nd, 2018

Congratulations to all of our great students on Honor Roll!

First Honors

Second Honors 


October 26th, 2018

Open House – Sunday, November 11, 2018, 1 – 3 pm

Discover how “There really is a difference” here at Bishop Fenwick High School! Experience how BEING fully present, is the best way to BECOME fully prepared for your journey after high school. Bring the whole family; no registration required.

Pre-registration is not required although you can pre-register to expedite the check-in process by completing this OPEN HOUSE REGISTRATION.

Attend our Open House and discover how Bishop Fenwick's commitment to...

  • Academic Rigor
  • Personal Growth
  • Spiritual Development

...can fulfill the journey of high school.

The entire family is invited to:

  • Participate in a demonstration of our dynamic 1:1 Microsoft Surface Pro3 technology
  • Become curious with special interactive and hands-on experiments throughout the building
  • Meet our outstanding faculty, students, parents and coaches
  • Explore our 66 acre campus
  • Enjoy light refreshments
  • Register to win one of two $200 Amazon Gift Cards! 

All 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade families are encouraged to attend. Become part of a very special journey...start here!

October 23rd, 2018
WE CRUSHED THE CHALLENGE! Day of Giving Total & More! WE CRUSHED THE CHALLENGE! Day of Giving Total & More!


  $200,366.84 (Your Gifts)

+$100,000 (Yeager Foundation)

=$300,366.84 TOTAL


On October 11th, 2018, YOU made history at Bishop Fenwick High School! Once all of the postmarked contributions were received, the total for the Day of Giving is $300,366.84. On behalf of our students, faculty and staff we THANK YOU for your generous participation in helping us secure the necessary funds to allow us to continue to provide a vibrant, Catholic education to each of our students and their families.  

Moving forward, your gifts will be utilized for a myriad of projects and programs based on the designations you selected for your gifts. These projects and programs will change the footprint of our school and will secure its future for the next 65 years. A few of the programs that your gifts will fund are the following: 

  • Program support for new counseling program

  • Campus-wide beautification program

  • Performing Arts lighting and sound improvements

  • Athletic facility improvements and upgrades

  • Named Scholarship funding

  • Tuition Assistance 

Your support of our mission is the catalyst for providing a transformational educational experience to our students and families. Again, thank you for your gifts! 

Yours in Service, 

Blane M. Collison



October 19th, 2018
Boys Soccer Breast Cancer Awareness Game Boys Soccer Breast Cancer Awareness Game

On October 6th the Boys Soccer team played Indian Hill, but this game was much more than a competition, it was an opportunity to be used by God in his story. As in previous years, to celebrate the month of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the team came together to support families suffering from the horrible disease. This year, their Breast Cancer Awareness Game Honoree was Laura Kuebel. Laura was first diagnosed in November of 2015, at the age of 24. Then she was completing graduate classes at the University of Dayton; her positivity and determination lead her to continue her full course work and complete her studies during this trying time. Laura endured a double mastectomy, battled through chemotherapy and was considered in remission after a year of treatment. Unfortunately, at the age of 26, Laura learned that the cancer returned earlier this year.  

Despite her hardships, Laura loves giving back, especially working with children. She is currently working as a school psychologist in the Huber Heights school system. Laura has a tight support system of her family, specifically her parents and brother, who are there for her through this journey. Laura is anxiously looking forward to becoming an Aunt in December. Many would say that Laura is on in a million, she is the type of person who people meet and instantly feel friends with. She is quick to lend a hand and make you laugh, in any situation.

As a soccer program, Coach Lueking and his team were inspired by Laura and her positivity, so they wanted to help her any way they could. The Thursday before the game, the team shared a meal with Laura and laid their hands on her with prayer, asking that God heal their sweet friend.  Along with all of the physical stress, Laura’s financial stress was growing as her medical bills start piling up, to help, our boys stepped up to the plate. Each player earned their own money to purchase pink socks and contribute to helping raise funds in honor of Laura. Along with their parents, the team was able to present Laura with a check at the dinner they hosted on October 4th.

The team also welcomed Mrs. Amy Tanaka, mother of Junior Davis, who is having her own battle with the Cancer. The Tanaka family are staples in the Fenwick Family so the team wanted to recognize her strength, faith and positive attitude. Mrs. Tanaka and her family were also treated to dinner, prayers and flowers to show the teams constant support for her and her family.

October 17th, 2018