Message From Principal Collison

 Bishop Fenwick has a rich history and tradition of serving its students and families through educating students in four essential elements for living a Christ-centered life.  Proud of our “Fenwick Falcon” mascot, these four essential characteristics comprise the “talons” which represent the hallmarks of a Fenwick education.

The four characteristics of faith, integrity, compassion and service are the (“talons”) principles that serve as the core for forming young men and women to grow in their love of Christ, love of others, and ultimately to serve those in our world who are in need.

As a Catholic school we seek to educate both the heart and the head, by helping young people grow in their faith, utilize the knowledge gained through a rigorous education, in order to serve others in our community and the world.

The ultimate goal of a Fenwick Falcon is to become an individual who courageously lives their faith, uses their knowledge for the common good, and reaching out in service to those in need, all the while being people who demonstrate integrity in all they seek to accomplish in life.

Being bold leaders, Fenwick students set high and lofty goals to make our world a better place for all.

Fenwick Falcons exercise their ‘talons’ by being people of faith, integrity, compassion and service and live a life that exemplifies our school motto which proclaims, “to reach the heights, aim high!”

We are the Fenwick Family, and we are proud of both our history and tradition, and seek to soar on the wings of the alumni that have come before us, to ever higher achievement in our endeavors.

Go Falcons!

Yours in Service,

Blane M. Collison