Living the Talons

Living the Four Falcon Talons

Campus Ministry plays an integral part in the promotion of student faith formation which encompasses the four Falcon Talons: Integrity, Faith, Service, and Compassion. Every member of our community is reminded of the Falcon Talons as they walk the main hallway. Keeping in mind the Falcon Talons, Campus Ministry focuses on the following:

  • Live our lives as a witness to the community which we serve
  • Instill a special love for the entire community
  • Promote the culture of life in the hearts of our students, locally and globally
  • Encourage an appreciation and respect for service to others for the glory of God
  • Provide our students with opportunities for reflection through retreats, worship, and prayer
  • Act as student advocates by serving their academic and spiritual needs through a ministry of presence
  • Instill in our students a faithful repsect for the Church's Magisterium and a desire to always promote Unity and Charity within the Church

Talon Thursdays

Talon Thursdays are weekly after school service projects in which all Fenwick students are invited to live, pray, and reflect upon the four Falcon Talons: Faith, Integrity, Service, and Compassion. While students are regularly afforded opportunities to serve individually and with members of their own class, Talon Thursdays give Falcons the chance to serve alongside students from any class, club, team, or student organization. These service projects ordinarily take place at Bishop Fenwick, but benefit organizations in the community outside our walls.

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