Director of Music
Mr. Larry Mulligan '10
Phone: (513) 423-0723 x.235

Falcon Force Band Staff

Joy Friday, Assistant Director

Yusuf Polley '06, Percussion Instructor

Abbey Jones, Color Guard Instructor


Falcon Force Band & Side Forces

Falcon Force Band

The Falcon Force Band is the most visible aspect of the music program at Bishop Fenwick High School.  The marching band is comprised of band students (and non-band students in color guard) attending Bishop Fenwick High School, as well as 7th and 8th grade students from local Catholic elementary schools.

The program also consists of the band class (part of the academic schedule) and the “Side Forces” listed below.  The Falcon Force Marching Band begins rehearsals in July and continues throughout the summer, including an on-campus band camp.  During the performance season, the Falcon Force Band performs at all home and away football games. They also make appearances at local competitions (Mid States Band Association circuit), the Bands of America Grand National Championships, and local community events and parades.

"Side Forces"

Pep Band

The Pep Band is an opportunity for members of the Falcon Force Band to provide music at sporting events outside of the football season.  The primary responsibility of the pep band is to perform at all varsity boys basketball home games.  Students are selected for pep band based on seniority and instrumentation.  Sign-ups for pep band will be held at the end of the marching band season.

Color/Winter Guard

Color/Winter guard is open to Bishop Fenwick High School students, as well as 7th and 8th grade students from local Catholic elementary schools. Guard members will use auxiliary props such as flags, rifles, and sabers while incorporating concepts of body movement and dance.  The guard performs as part of the Falcon Force Band during the football season.  The winter guard is currently a non-competitive group that meets during the winter and spring months to further their skills.  It is also a great opportunity for new members to get involved prior to the upcoming marching band season.  Students with experience in dance, gymnastics, or twirling may find that their prior knowledge leads to success in this endeavor.  Color guard is open to anyone, regardless of past experience. Furthermore, most color guard members across the nation get involved in the activity for the first time at the high school level.

Winter Percussion

This non-competitive group is open to any current member of the band program as well as any student looking to join the percussion section of the band program next year. This is a great opportunity for students to learn a new instrument or further their skills on their percussion instrument. The instruction focuses on both concert and marching percussion techniques and instruments.

Jazz Ensemble

Provided there is enough student interest, the jazz ensemble will be an extracurricular group that meets once a week during second semester. The function of the group will be based on the instrumentation of interested students. Regardless, focus will be spent on jazz history, different music styles of the jazz genre, jazz performance techniques, and improvisation.

Components of the Falcon Force Band

Winds - Students playing instruments using air to produce sound are considered wind instrumentalists. The wind section includes any instruments from the brass and woodwind families. These students must have prior experience on their instrument before signing up for marching band.

Percussions - Students who play percussion instruments (including but not limited to snare drum, bass drum, drum set, xylophone, and bells) are part of the percussion section. At different times, the percussion unit may be split up between “battery percussion” (drums) and “auxiliary percussion” (keyboard percussion and “toys”). Students who have experience playing piano or a string instrument are able to learn percussion instruments fairly quickly because they already know the basics of reading music and rhythms. Students without experience playing an instrument can often learn these instruments through summer rehearsals.

Color Guard - The color guard performs with the marching band and on their own. This unit includes students who use different equipment to add a visual element to music. Students do not need prior experience (in fact, most color guard members do not start until freshman year) to join. Those students with experience in gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, or twirling will already have some of the basic skills needed. An audition process may be needed to help place students on different equipment (flags, rifles, sabres, etc).

´╗┐Please contact Mr. Larry Muligan '10, Director of Bands, for additional information about the Falcon Force Band.

Phone: (513) 423-0723 x.235´╗┐