Clubs & Organizations

2017-2018 Clubs & Organizations

Academic Team

  • Academic Team is not a "club" but a competitive team whose "game ball" is knowledge and whose "playing field" is a classroom. Our matches consist of two four-person teams who alternate in answering questions over various subject areas such as science, math, languages, history, literature and fine arts. There is also a different set of strategies involved in each of the three sections of each match. Moreover, all of the questions are timed. This is not a "trivia bowl," but rather a contest of in-depth academic content.

  • Our practices take the form of simulated matches. While we have no officers, one member serves as a captain for each match. We also have no dues and no special shirts; however, we do sometimes meet for a meal after a match. The starting date for practices is determined by the league schedule, which is set in September.

  • The team is open to all grade levels, and we invite all interested students to join us for some mental exercise.


  • Ambassadors live out the mission of Bishop Fenwick High School while interacting with prospective students, prospective families, and alumni. Ambassadors are sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Freshmen interested in becoming an Ambassador should volunteer for events throughout the year.

  • Meetings: Occur as needed.

  • Moderators: Betty Turvy, ()

Art Club

Drama Club

Fenwick for Life

  • In Fenwick for Life, students have the opportunity to come together to witness to the sanctity of human life. Fenwick for life meets on the second Wednesday of each month. Students in this club participate in a pilgrimage to Washington D.C. for the March for Life in January on the anniversary of Supreme Court cases that made abortion legal in all 50 states during all 9 months of pregnancy. Students visit problem pregnancy centers to encourage and learn from those on the front lines in saving lives from abortion. Students participate in prayer vigils at abortion facilities, praying for abortion-minded women, for healing of those who have had abortions, and for conversion to a culture of life in our world.

  • The mission of Fenwick for Life is to be constant prayerful witnesses to the evils of abortion and the sanctity of human life.

French Club

  • Mission Statement: To have fun while exploring French culture and serving the needy in the Francophone world.

  • Club breakfast with French foods oten and french related activities.

  • Moderator: Maggie Strahl, ()

Intramural Basketball

  • Foster camaraderie among all those who participate in the program. 
  • Develop and enhance leadership.
  • Promote teamwork and fair play.
  • Promote physical fitness.
  • Develop competitiveness.
  • Have fun!
  • League for males and a league for females.
  • Games are played on Sunday afternoons at Fenwick in the auxiliary gyms.
  • Teams are chosen by a draft in which senior captains pick their team.
  • Regular season of games is played from December through February.
  • Single elimination tournament is held in March.
  • Moderator: Matt Mulligan, ()

Key Club

  • Mission Statement: Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership. Our core values are leadership, character building and inclusiveness. The Fenwick Key Club strives to make "caring our way of life." 


  • Talon Thursday Participation (Thursdays after school)
  • Abilities First Social (TBD)
  • Root Beer Floats (Once a quarter)
  • Penny Wars
  • MORP
  • Coat Drive
  • Shoe Drive
  • Meetings: First and third Wednesdays of the month after school

Liturgical Ministries

  • Mission statement: Students participating in liturgical ministries use their talents to glorify God and serve the community in liturgical settings.

  • Goals: Students participating in Liturgical Ministries will hone their skills as they continually become more proficient in proclaiming the Word of God, developing musical talent, organizing liturgies, deepening their reverence for the Eucharist, and serving at the altar.

  • Students will reflect on how they have used their talents in an act of worship to give greater glory to God. Contact the Campus Ministry Office Ext. 5010

Liturgical Musicians

  • Mission Statement:  St. Augustine said, “Singing is for the one who Loves.”  Music is a sign of God’s love for us and our love for Him. There are many examples in the Bible of God’s people singing praise with grateful hearts to Him. Whether one is a bishop, priest, lector, musician or member of the congregation our Church urges us all to continue this expression of love by participating fully in the mass. The Liturgical Musicians are the leaders of the participation in the music at mass. Their function is not to perform, but to lead the congregation in song and lift all those present to a higher place – closer to God.

  • The Liturgical Musicians group is open to all students or faculty who wish to sing or play an instrument at mass.

  • Rehearsals which are in the chapel after school from 3:10-3:45pm dates will be announced.

  • Permission slips are available from Dave Marek, ()

Mock Trial

  • Mock Trial is dramatic and compelling introduction to the law and to the legal system.  Students take on roles as lawyers and witnesses to prepare a case that will be judged in competition.  Students are trained by a faculty advisor(s) and trained, licensed attorneys.

  • Students receive a set of facts, a statement of the law, along with witness statements, exhibits, supreme court rulings and the students, acting as a team, develop a theme and strategy for the case that they will present. Students will give an opening statement, closing argument, testify as witnesses in conformance with a modified rule of evidence and established courtroom procedure.

  • Meet as a team over the course of several months preparing for district competition against other schools.

  • Practice sessions are on Saturdays and during the week after school from November to January.

  • Team participates in scrimmages in order to prepare for the district competition

  • Improve critical thinking, reading, writing, public speaking and listening skills.

  • Develop understanding and appreciation for the law, court procedures, and the judicial system.

  • Understand constitutional rights and responsibilities.

  • Recognize and reward students’ academic and intellectual achievements.

  • Moderator: Matt Mulligan, ()

National Honor Society

Ohio Math League

  • The Ohio Mathematics League is different from a club in the fact that it is a competition. One day per month from October through March, students gather to answer 6 challenging questions. Every contest has questions from different areas of mathematics. The goal is to encourage student interest and confidence in mathematics through solving worthwhile problems. The league is a school-wide competition with the winners announced at the Awards Assembly as well as a state-wide competition with other high schools. Every Fenwick student is eligible to participate – there are no restrictions. Dates will be announced in October.

  • Moderator: Dave Marek, ()

Peer Mentoring Program

Radio Club

Ski & Snowboard Club

  • The Falcon Ski and Snowboard club is open to all students, grades 9 – 12, and is great way for students to learn skiing and/or snowboarding. Our goal is to engage in a wintertime sport that promotes an active lifestyle while having fun together. Students of all skill levels are welcome to join. The standard club pass from Perfect North Slopes provides four lessons from Perfect North’s Instructors. Skiing and snowboarding is a skill that can stay with you for a lifetime.

  • The group will met in September to discuss the specific dates, times, and costs for passes and transportation. As a club, we will travel together via bus to Perfect North slopes on four consecutive Thursdays starting in January. Through the club there will many different passes will be available for purchase at greatly reduced prices.

  • As a service and outreach, we hope to assist with the Special Olympics at Perfect North Slopes at a date yet to be determined.

Spanish Club

  • All students that have taken a Spanish course can participate.

  • Meetings are frequently held after school and occasionally in the evenings. Meetings will be announced over the morning and afternoon announcements.

  • Our goal is to have fun while learning about Hispanic culture throughout the world.

  • Crafts, food, movies, dances, songs, a soccer game, Day of the dead celebration, Christmas related activities, Easter related activities, fiestas and of course more food.

Student Council

Technology Club

  • Since, 2009, the Bishop Fenwick Technology Club has been commited to expand and share thier computer knowlege with other of similar interest.

  • Mission Statement: For students to gain more knowledge and skills about technology through knowledge, sharing, discussions, tutorials, presentations, guest speakers, hand-on-exercises, and events.

  • Meeting Times: First Thursday of the month; Third Thursday of the month as needed

  • Moderator: Cheryl Brandenburg, ()