Bishop Fenwick Present Drive!

Details of Christmas Present Drive:


--Amanda Elementary has 465 students and our goal is to buy each student a Christmas present.

--We would like for each of you to buy 1 present that is in the price range of $15-20.  Just remember one quality gift in that price range is what we are going for—in order for the gifts to feel equal among the students. 

--We are asking for you to purchase a present that isn’t electronic and doesn’t require batteries.  Remember that some of these students may not have some of the gaming equipment/etc. we are used to owning.

--We are matching the following:

                                         Seniors will purchase a present for 1st graders

                                         Juniors will purchase a present for Preschool/Kindergarten

                                         Sophomores will purchase a present for 4th and 5th graders

                                         Freshmen will purchase a present for 2nd and 3rd graders

--The boys will buy for the boys and the girls will buy for the girls.


--Each present that is brought in needs to have the tags removed off of the present and no receipts attached to it. They need to be wrapped with a tag identifying which grade and gender you bought for.


--There are a lot of great gifts that go on sale around the Thanksgiving holiday, if you want to be savvy shoppers.


--When you bring your present to school, please drop it off in the Media Center Conference Room.  There will be a Student Council member there to mark your name off.


--You can start to bring your presents in beginning November 27th.  December 11th will be the last day to bring in presents.


--On December 14th, the Student Council members and the choir will be delivering the presents to the students at Amanda Elementary.  We are going to have a Christmas celebration with them.  We are going to have juice and cookies, read Christmas stories, sing Christmas carols, and let the students open their presents.  We want this day to be a Christmas celebration for each and every student at Amanda Elementary.


--This is going to be tremendous for the Amanda Elementary and their community.


--Let’s PLEASE all take part in this wonderful mission of making a bunch of young children have a wonderful memorable Christmas. I have faith in each and every one of you that we can make this happen!


Tammy Longworth,